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24.06.2011, 17:48, "Kévin Raymond" <shaiton at>:
> On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 10:02 AM, Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor at>; wrote:
>>  Hi!
>>  There is a strange sentence in new "Fedora Localization Guide"
>>    But definitely try the web-editor first, since it has many features not
>>  available when translating offline.
>>  Can somebody guide me to the page with the list of the features "not
>>  available when translating offline"? If there is no such page, can this
>>  misleading statement be removed?
>>  Thanks in advance for your answers.
>>  Best regards,
>>  Yuri
> Dimitris would be best to answer, but here are some points:
> - Translating with Lotte is faster (no need to download the file, find
> it, open it, save it, upload it).
> - Lotte send you email while msgmerge fails "If you edited the file
> via Lotte, you’ll be notified about errors in an email with the file
> attached."[1]. I've never seen that in action. While uploading a file,
> I think we only get the error.
> - You can write suggestions that can be pondered.
> - Translation memory is going to be shared between project for next
> release (sorry I could not find the link...)
> - probably more. (I don't know if we get them as fuzzy while
> downloading in order to translate offline).
> Of course, we have just to read users feedback in order to know what
> Transifex could provide soon.
> Here is my view as translator, but sincerely, I am not using Lotte.
> French language really needs to be proofread and we are working
> offline. hope to be able soon to upload file as suggestions in order
> to discuss them online.
> [1]
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Lotte is the new Rosetta where it's easy for a hunderd people to do their thing each one's own way without consideration of previous work and render translations gibberish at end.

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