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Sat Jun 25 17:32:29 UTC 2011

Javier Herazo

Panama city, Panama

FAS: javidonosti01

language: Español

Student status: Studing at Universidad Tecnologica de Panama

About me: My name is Javier Herazo and I want to participate in Fedora's
group, Translation group to learn how to contribute to the community and
that more people from Latin America to hear the project and that the language
is not an impediment to this.

Me and the Fedora project: I started using Fedora 13, as another user, but
this year i have had the opportunity to belong to a project called
"Escuelita Fedora" where I am introducing in the translation and
documentation projects for the Fedora group with other people.

gpg:  B367FC21

fingerprint: 0738 7AEA 2839 08A8 FE16  1A2E 0F23 FA3F B367 FC21

Javier Herazo
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