Self-Introduction: Stas-Russian

Stas Darchinov darchinov at
Sun Jun 26 06:55:52 UTC 2011

Name: Stas Darchinov
Location: Kazan, Russia
Login: karbafosss
Language: Russian
Profession: IT-security and telecommunication
About me: I've just finished Kazan state technical university
(it-security) and I my work is to plan, to tune and to serve ISP's
networks. I work with linux around 4 years and use it as my desktop OS
around 2 years. I hope soon noot only it-people will use linux and the
first step to it is good localization. 
You and the Fedora Project: I want to participate in Localization and
Ambassador projects (I've already wrote letter to mentor and wait for
response). And I use fedora 15 lovelock on my laptop+)
Fingerprint:1BA4 79BF A09C DE03 2244  1493 5C01 6276 2FA3 42BD

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