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Sun Jun 26 07:37:53 UTC 2011

написане Sun, 26 Jun 2011 09:01:43 +0300, Valentin Laskov  
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> Hi,
> Do you know what you are translating? I don't.
> Here is an example. I'm translating online. The document is
> I have text in english:
> "After explaining how to configure the network, this part discusses
> topics related to networking such as how to allow remote logins, share
> files and directories over the network, and set up a Web server."
> But this text is from
> Please tell me how can I translate Fedora 15 documentation?
> Regards
> Valentin Laskov


I think it is the wrong list to complain, but taking into account  
communication on #fedora-docs prompted me to think that fedora-docs team  
is *critically* underpowered.

Some of docs, even important (User Guide), have no maintainers and are  
outdated. The task of documentation publication is transferred to  
translation teams which makes impossible to publish documentation for  
non-Fedora users. After Tx 1.1 transition most of docs PO are not updated  
by the current maintainers.

I think we should concentrate on docs from this list:

The rest should be left for good, imho.

Best regards,

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