Transifex vs. offline tools

Misha Shnurapet shnurapet at
Sun Jun 26 11:23:56 UTC 2011

25.06.2011, 02:48, "Kévin Raymond" <shaiton at>:
> This is handled by But you need to
> * watch the file (upper right on the translation details window)
> * change your account settings to send an email when there is an update.

Oh, thanks. I wasn't aware of the notification settings. I think the translation change notifications should be enabled by default.

> I don't know if there is a diff, not sure at all.

Nope, no diff. I miss it. You can't say whether someone fixed a one-letter typo or contributed over 50 strings. It says "please, visit Transifex at <...> in order to see the changes", but there is the modules list only.

> But in the old process, while you were able to read the diff, the push
> was already done.

It's okay because there is always a significant delay before the changes actually show up.

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