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My name is Béla Begre. I live in Budapest, Hungary. I am a 19 years old
student and I would like to be a software engineer. I have passed an English
language exam at basic level and I am going to take an intermediate one
during this summer.

I have been using Linux for four years. It was UHU 2.0 that I met first.
Since then I have tried several other distributions. For a longer time SUSE,
Ubuntu and Mint were running on my PC. As a Lucid Lynx user I did not notice
any big differences between Linuxes that seem to be very similar at first
sight and I did not know why there are so many of them.

I would not like to use my computer only for ordinary things but for
programming, audio editing and other serious works so I started to search
for an operating system in which simplicity is not the first or the most
important point of view. I have enquired at some Linux communities and
finally one of the Fedora ambassadors, Zoltán Hoppár advised me to try
Fedora so I changed the purple-orange to the blue :)

I like the community of Fedora and I would like to be part of it and I would
gladly help translating Fedora into Hungarian.

Best regards,
Béla Begre (belaqq)
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