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noriko noriko at
Tue May 3 06:17:38 UTC 2011

Yuri Chornoivan さんは書きました:
> Hi,
> написане Fri, 29 Apr 2011 06:00:34 +0300, noriko 
> <noriko at>:
>> Hi,
>> When going to module -> translate now ->, then an option 'auto
>> translate' can be found between source string and translation field.
>> Clicking 'auto translate' button will fill the translation field.
>> Where is this translation coming from?
>  From Google API.
>> Does re-using this auto
>> translation affect any copyright?
> It is for academic use only. Cannot be used to translate commercial 
> applications. There is no clear ToS or translation copyright. API itself 
> is LGPLed.

Yuri, thank you for the information!
This warns me to be careful for using this function. What you think, 
transifex team? Should I bring this up and ask for clarification to 
Legal team?


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