[Fedora-trans] Introduction Florian Masuth

Florian Masuth florian.masuth at googlemail.com
Fri May 20 17:11:13 UTC 2011

Hello to the Fedora-trans mailinglist!


My name is Florian Masuth, I was born in 1985


I am currently living in Hof, Germany


I am studying Media Informatics at Hof University of Applied Sciences


German, English

*Username/Contact information*

Fedora Community Name: fmasuth
IRC: fmasuth
E-Mail: florain.masuth at gmail.com


I have just recently started using Linux and decided to give Fedora a 
try and liked it from the start. I also like the idea of open source 
projects and wanted to start contributing to one, so I chose Fedora to 
give something back to the community that brought it to me.

Since I am not (yet) familiar with many aspects of Linux I looked for a 
way to contribute in a section I could help in and chose the 
Localization Project.

My current English course level is ranked C2 for European comparison 
levels and contributing to this project is also a way for me to 
hopefully improve my English and Fedora skills.
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