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noriko noriko at
Wed May 25 06:34:05 UTC 2011

Fabian Affolter さんは書きました:
> Hi all,
> We will face a problem in the near future that will slow us down with
> translations on Transifex. Often projects are handled on a group based
> permission level aka projects maintains their own translation teams and
> are not using the Fedora teams. A coordinator is in charge for the
> approval of new members.
> There are several projects with a coordinator who is unresponsive. In
> this case a new user who wants to contribute have to wait for days/weeks
> to get approved. This is not really bringing us forward and is
> frustrating for people who wants to get started.
> I think that there needs to be something like a "unresponsive
> coordinator process" (The package maintainers do it that way). Or an
> other approach could be to let other coordinators approve people for
> their language to any group.
> What do you think about that? I know this is not really a Fedora L10n
> issue but many of the Projects translated through Transifex lands in
> Fedora releases.

Hi Fabian and all

I am sorry responding such late this issue. I do feel exactly same and 
still unable to find good solution.

Especially some projects which FLP could contribute translation on fp.o, 
now choose not use FLP, therefore FLP no longer able to continue 
translation work unless joining newly created project specific language 
team on

What is going on here is that, when package maintainer created it's 
project on according to recent move, he or she chose the option 
'Limited access' for translation under Access Control tab (this tab only 
appears for project maintainers). With this option, translation team for 
this project needs to be formed first by some one who likes to start 
translation, and then new translators can join. It does not care whether 
you are from FLP. So we are facing the problem.

There are three options to choose; Free for all, Limited access and 
Outsourced access. To allow FLP to translate, he or she has to choose 
Outsourced access and specify the outsource project as Fedora Project.

Some projects say that they want to accept translation wider not 
limiting from FLP, thus they configure the setting 'Limited access'. 
Other projects simply take default setting without knowing actually what 
will happen, and it seems that default setting is Limited access. Anyway 
it gives us hard days.

The simplest way would be that the coordinator of FLP to become the 
coordinator for those. However, to be honest, I don't want and can't 
become the coordinator for every single project. I'm afraid that those 
project may receive less translation from FLP in future.

This problem depends on each package maintainer's preference. And I am 
not too sure that they do understand the situation.

Btw, I see German team info has been removed from L10N team page [1]. 
Does this relate to this issue??



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