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Thu May 26 14:51:47 UTC 2011

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 7:46 PM, Kévin Raymond
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> Hi, thank you for your congrat' :)
> I've CCed the french translation mailing list (we also are on #fedora-trans-fr)

Thank you very much! The more people read about this, the better it is
going to be ;)

> I would be glad to help you translating, but I am afraid that I have
> not so much free time.
> We can do it faster if we manage to get enough people.

I guess taking up one article or a part of an article would be good
enough. I would take up the article on D if I knew French. But yeah, I
agree on getting more people on this project.

> Our magazine (Muffin) has no frequent release date but we hope the
> next one to be written for the next Fedora release. (Our langage D
> articles are already written, not all published) Now that we have our
> great LaTeX class, that would be faster.
> Cheers !
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