Vadim, Russian

Vadim Vlasov zxvad at
Sat Oct 15 16:21:17 UTC 2011

Name: Vadim
Location: Izhevsk, Russia
Login: zxvad
Language: Russian
Profession or Student status: the measurement system and network/candidate of technical sciences
About You: I since 1999 do programming. Deal with 2008 aikido. Interested in creative direction in the life of mankind. Created and passed software for Roskosmos(the hardware part performed by other people). Currently take part in the Russian project on navigation "ERA-GLONASS".
You and the Fedora Project: development of a C++program
GPG KEYID and fingerprint:5F90469E
[zxvad at localhost ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 5F90469E
pub   2048R/5F90469E 2011-10-15
Отпечаток ключа = 991C 7522 952C AF9E 1D53  EB15 803D 55E8 5F90 469E
uid                  Vadim Vlasov <zxvad at>
sub   2048R/574F51DA 2011-10-15
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