Lang codes strike again

Petr Kovar pkovar at
Tue Oct 25 17:16:04 UTC 2011

Hi list,

I found out that there was a wrong code for Bosnian language in our list of
lang code mappings that is shared on the docs wiki and used in many guides:

Also, new lang codes have been added to the Fedora Project in Tx recently
so we need to update the Tx config file in our guides accordingly. The
updated and hopefully fixed list of lang codes is as follows:

lang_map = aln:aln-AL, ar:ar-SA, as:as-IN, bal:bal-PK, bg:bg-BG,
bn:bn-BD, bn_IN:bn-IN, bs:bs-BA, ca:ca-ES, cs:cs-CZ, da:da-DK,
de_CH:de-CH, de:de-DE, el:el-GR, en_GB:en-GB, es:es-ES, et:et-EE,
fa:fa-IR, fi:fi-FI, fr:fr-FR, gu:gu-IN, he:he-IL, hi:hi-IN,
hr:hr-HR, hu:hu-HU, id:id-ID, is:is-IS, it:it-IT, ja:ja-JP,
kn:kn-IN, ko:ko-KR, lt:lt-LT, lv:lv-LV, mai:mai-IN, ml:ml-IN,
mr:mr-IN, ms:ms-MY, nb:nb-NO, nds:nds-DE, nl:nl-NL, nn:nn-NO,
or:or-IN, pa:pa-IN, pl:pl-PL, pt_BR:pt-BR, pt:pt-PT, ro:ro-RO,
ru:ru-RU, si:si-LK, sk:sk-SK, sl:sl-SI, sq:sq-AL, sr:sr-RS,
sr at latin:sr-Latn-RS, sv:sv-SE, ta:ta-IN, te:te-IN, tr:tr-TR,
uk:uk-UA, ur:ur-PK, vi:vi-VN, zh_CN:zh-CN, zh_HK:zh-HK, zh_TW:zh-TW

Guide owners, please update the .tx/config file in your active branches.

(The User Guide and Deployment Guide are fixed already.)

Petr Kovar

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