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nds:nds-DE seems to be correct!



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05-09-11 01:04, Petr Kovar schreef:
>> Hi Fedora translators! Could you
guys please confirm that the following language mapping list for the
Fedora docs includes correct language and region codes? lang_map =
aln:aln-AL, ar:ar-SA, as:as-IN, bal:bal-PK, bg:bg-BG, bn:bn-BD,
bn_IN:bn-IN, bs_BA:bs-BA, ca:ca-ES, cs:cs-CZ, da:da-DK, de_CH:de-CH,
de:de-DE, el:el-GR, en_GB:en-GB, es:es-ES, fa:fa-IR, fi:fi-FI, fr:fr-FR,
gu:gu-IN, he:he-IL, hi:hi-IN, hr:hr-HR, hu:hu-HU, id:id-ID, is:is-IS,
it:it-IT, ja:ja-JP, kn:kn-IN, ko:ko-KR, lt:lt-LT, mai:mai-IN, ml:ml-IN,
mr:mr-IN, ms:ms-MY, nb:nb-NO, nds:nds-DE, nl:nl-NL, nn:nn-NO, or:or-IN,
pa:pa-IN, pl:pl-PL, pt_BR:pt-BR, pt:pt-PT, ro:ro-RO, ru:ru-RU, si:si-LK,
sk:sk-SK, sl:sl-SI, sq:sq-AL, sr:sr-RS, sr at latin:sr-Latn-RS, sv:sv-SE,
ta:ta-IN, te:te-IN, tr:tr-TR, uk:uk-UA, ur:ur-PK, vi:vi-VN, zh_CN:zh-CN,
zh_HK:zh-HK, zh_TW:zh-TW To reduce maintenance burden on the Fedora
guide owners, I'd like to come up with a sort of canonical mapping list
that could be shared between multiple guides, branches and repositories.
On another note, I was wondering what is Fedora translators' opinion on
not publishing docs translations that are below a certain threshold
level, say 15% or 25%? I realized it would be worth asking you
translators while I was working on updating POT files and syncing
translations for the Deployment Guide, since the most complete
translation for this guide is currently at ca. 10%. I know that
translators can publish their translated documents themselves, if they
want to and have been added to the right permission group, anyway. I'm
however not sure how many people in the Fedora translation teams
actually do this. I'm CC'ing the Fedora docs list on this message.
Thanks, Petr Kovar -- trans mailing list trans at
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> Mapping
for nl looks fine. -- trans mailing list trans at
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