Two questions for Fedora translators

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Subject: Two questions for Fedora translators

| Hi Fedora translators!
| Could you guys please confirm that the following language mapping list
| for the Fedora docs includes correct language and region codes?
| lang_map = aln:aln-AL, ar:ar-SA, as:as-IN, bal:bal-PK, bg:bg-BG,

bg:bg-BG is OK

| On another note, I was wondering what is Fedora translators' opinion on
| not publishing docs translations that are below a certain threshold level,
| say 15% or 25%?

It could be 50%  I think, but it is good for translators can see what it looks like their own work with a smaller % too.

| I know that translators can publish their translated documents themselves,
| if they want to and have been added to the right permission group,
| anyway. I'm however not sure how many people in the Fedora translation teams
| actually do this.

For the first time I hear for this :) . I read somewhere that after translation I must file a bug report against translated section.
Is it possible for docs to work like websites? An hour or two after uploading .po file (or translating online) in 
changes appears in the fedoraproject site.

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