Creating and/or joining the Swedish team on Zanata

Göran Uddeborg goeran at
Mon Aug 20 15:41:48 UTC 2012

Since some translations are now managed on Zanata, I tried to become
part of it.  Logging in was no problem, and I found the Swedish team,
and requested to join.  Shortly after, I got an auto-reply, which I
didn't have time to look at at the time.  (A disk crash came in the
way. :-(  )  This was a week ago.

I went back to this now, and found that I'm still not member of the
Swedish team.  Furthermore, according to the page, while the team does
seem to exsist, it has no members at all.

Taking a second look at the auto-mail I got it looks as if it was
aimed at at the team coordinator, not just a confirmation to the
requester.  It contains language such as "Dear Language Team
Coordinator".  The mail has a link to a ticketing system at  That address doesn't resolve, it is probably
a Red Hat internal thing.  And at the end of the mail, there are
instructions to go to the page for the Swedish team and "Add Team
Member".  But there is no such button on that page when I go there.

I get the impression I have become the coordinator for the Swedish
team at Zanata, but not completely.  I am tha coordinator at
Transifex, so it wouldn't be completely surprising if I was
automatically assigned the role at Zanata too.  My email address was
obviously used for the request mail.  But when logging in, I don't
have the permissions I need to perform any coordinator tasks.  Like
adding myself to the team! :-)

Or maybe I just don't understand what is going on here.  Is the
problem on my side?  Anybody knows the correct place to turn?

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