Is the FLSCo running our teams alone?

Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Tue Aug 21 09:47:10 UTC 2012

> While I do agree that having Kevin for more administrative duty is a good
> move,
> I don't think a decision like 'discontinuing FLSCo' should be taken without
> any
> discussion. FWIW, FLSCo is an official representation of the FLP at Fedora
> and
> without a well set-up alternative would lead to the FLP losing its voice.
> The
> FLSCo did have a set of rules of elections. It is a different matter that
> they
> were not followed as well as they should have been. IMHO, whether the FLSCo
> is
> revived or an alternative is formed, the focus of the group should remain on
> keeping the FLP members and other teams engaged about the activities of FLP.
> I suggest we either have a meeting about this sometime or start a
> conversation
> on the mailing list.

We have already tried to have a meeting years ago and it did not work
(because of timezone).
If it works, the best is the mailing list.

Yes, this "admininstrative" group could still be the FLSCo.
But we can have a FAS group different than the FLSCo one. The FLSCo
clearly understand the L10n process and help set the roadmap if
needed, while the FAS group would be the guys having the right to
accept/reject the L10n creation teams or mailing lists (also update
their maintainers). Simpler if they are the same, but one can be FLSCo
member for 2 years but l10n  FAS administrator a longer time as he
will master the team creation process and he would still be trust.
(Also, I am not sure that we need to update the FLSCo member too
frequently.. Therefor those two groups could be composed of the same

The best is probably to create a new thread for that and to clearly
explain all the change that would be made (with a wiki page). I'll try
to write that but I am not sure when I am going to do it. Soon

Domingo, I forgot your answer and yesterday I've updated the
maintainer wiki page.
It probably needs more details or to be rewritten with your steps..
Will see later if not done by that time ;).
FYI I've sent a TX message to all guys requesting a new team to let
them start the process.


Kévin Raymond

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