Creating and/or joining the Swedish team on Zanata

Runa Bhattacharjee runab at
Tue Aug 21 13:04:45 UTC 2012

On সোমবার 20 আগস্ট 2012 09:11 অপরাহ্ণ, Göran Uddeborg wrote:

> Taking a second look at the auto-mail I got it looks as if it was aimed at at
> the team coordinator, not just a confirmation to the requester.  It contains
> language such as "Dear Language Team Coordinator".  The mail has a link to a
> ticketing system at  That address doesn't resolve, it
> is probably a Red Hat internal thing.  And at the end of the mail, there are
> instructions to go to the page for the Swedish team and "Add Team Member".
> But there is no such button on that page when I go there.
> I get the impression I have become the coordinator for the Swedish team at
> Zanata, but not completely.  I am tha coordinator at Transifex, so it
> wouldn't be completely surprising if I was automatically assigned the role at
> Zanata too.  My email address was obviously used for the request mail. But
> when logging in, I don't have the permissions I need to perform any
> coordinator tasks.  Like adding myself to the team! :-)


Sorry about this confusion. It was a legacy situation that had occurred because
the team had been activated long time back but no member or coordinator was
assigned. You have now been added into the team and your account has been set up
as a coordinator for Swedish. This also means that you can now assign
coordinator privileges to any other member who is part of your team.

The user management notification system is being worked upon to correct this. I
suspect a few more teams may encounter this problem and if you do (i.e. until
the fix is in) then please feel free to send a mail to the zanata-users mailing
list[1] or ping on #zanata on FreeNode.



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