Self-Introduction: Smelkov Ilya, Russian

Смелков Илюха iya777 at
Tue Aug 28 08:07:05 UTC 2012

Name: Smelkov Ilya
Location: Saransk, Russia
Login: triplepointfive
Language: Russian
Profession or Student status: third-year student of mathematic faculty
About You: game programmer
You and the Fedora Project: early use Archlinux, now it's switch to systemd, so I dos't see any important benefits
[~]$ gpg --fingerprint 3E2CAB59
pub   2048R/3E2CAB59 2012-08-28
      Key fingerprint = E302 D1AA D5B4 AFB3 3868  A7E7 4672 0882 3E2C AB59
uid                  ilyouha (Hello keys!) <iya777 at>
sub   2048R/32BDB476 2012-08-28

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