Self-Introduction: Timur Yarosh [ru_RU]

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Thu Aug 30 08:39:31 UTC 2012

  * Name: Timur Yarosh
  * Location: Mykolayiv, Ukraine
  * Login: f1xman
  * Language: ru_RU
  * Profession or Student status: Electronics engineer, student
  * About You: Hi, I'm 19 years old, I'm interested in computers,
    programming, electronics, ping pong and cross country cycling,I love
    to read, I prefer fantastic tales. By the way, my favorite author
    Harry Harrison, May he rest in peace. Currently studying in 3rd year
    at the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding(NUOS).
    Not speak English very well, but I think I can help the team of
    translators. :-)
  * You and the Fedora Project: Fedora use since the beginning of the
    summer, before that I used other distros (Ubuntu, Debian, Arch
    Linux, OpenSuSE, CentOS on my friend server, Gentoo, Calculate,
    Slackware :-). Earlier projects Fedora not participated. I have
    experience in the build of rpm packages, writing the spec files for
  * GPG KEYID and fingerprint: pub   1024D/9BB02BC8 2012-08-30
    Key fingerprint = BBF1 DBF8 30F9 2DA5 5354  142C BB03 0E24 9BB0 2BC8
    uid                  Timur Yarosh <ti.yarosh at>
    sub   1024g/796D6E07 2012-08-30

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