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Fri Aug 31 04:42:54 UTC 2012

написане Fri, 31 Aug 2012 03:44:01 +0300, Ruediger Landmann  
<r.landmann at>:

> Hi all --
> I'm happy to announce that Publican 3.0 is rapidly approaching General  
> Availability. This is a major revision that has been a long time in  
> development -- so long that some newer members of the group might not  
> know what it is!
> Publican is the publication system used to generate all the formal  
> Fedora documentation published on
> To get Publican 3.0 ready for release, we need updates in three places:
> 1. The "Document Conventions" text that appears at the start of all our  
> longer manuals. It's the "Conventions" file in the "Publican Common  
> Content" project here:  
> 2. the "Fedora Feedback" text that tells readers how to offer  
> suggestions about Fedora manuals:  
> 3. a single string in the Publican software itself: "Translation files  
> synchronised with XML sources %1-%2" in:  
> --  
> Publican embeds this string into the Revision History of translated  
> books, so it is highly visible to readers! Other strings in that file  
> are for the Publican command-line output itself. We would really  
> appreciate translations here too, but nothing else in the file is  
> critical. The "%1-%2" in this string is the version number of the  
> English text that was synchronised when somebody last ran "update_po"  
> for your language, for example, "Translation files synchronised with XML  
> sources 2.2-14" Feel free to add your word for "version" before or after  
> that number if your syntax requires it! :)
> It's really important to the Publican team that we support as many  
> languages as completely as possible. Help us help you! :)
> Cheers, and as always -- thanks in advance!
> Rudi


Is it possible to fix some typos in Publican catalog before the release?

The name of the main xml and ent files for this books,

"these books" or "this book"

Splash pages should be generated to be comaptible with this web style.  
values are 1 and 2.


Thanks for your work.

Best regards,

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