Window generator in git - new feature request

Valentin Laskov laskov at
Fri Feb 17 09:00:05 UTC 2012

Hi git team!
Hi fedora translators team!

I have an idea and want to share with you.

I don't know what is git in details. I'm translating GUI and documentation of different programs to Bulgarian.
I and translators have a problem and I think git and you can resolve it in a future release.

In translating we have a number of sentences. When this is a documentation, it's easy to translate, especially if the translator 
knows how program works. But if text is from a GUI window, translator must know context used for each text - is this is a command or 
state description; text on a button or pop-up hint for this button... ? Even translator knows how program works, it is possible to 
have texts and windows he never seen.

Imagine that based on a source code, git can generate windows of GUI program with all controls and texts may appear on them and 
these windows can be seen on a web site! This will be a great feature for translators!

... or this may be implemented in a new project? Or may be a virtual mashine, accessed by web, with all "installed" programs with 
"working" controls but without real actions...

Valentin Laskov

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