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> Name: Lex
> Location: Shanghai, PRC
> Login: transmixer
> Language: Simplified Chinese
> Profession or Student status: Technical Service Manager (non-IT)
> About You: I'm interested in free software and Linux, and would like to contribute in the translation of Fedora documents because I found all Fedora 16 docs are still in English (although I can read them, Chinese is always more favorable :-).
> You and the Fedora Project: New to Fedora, and need to explore more.
> GPG KEYID and fingerprint: 
> pub   2048R/BA885113 2012-01-19 [expires: 2013-01-18]
> Key fingerprint = 63D4 9AE3 CDC6 AED0 BB15  6459 9D08 5360 BA88 5113
> uid                  Lex Zhou (Transmixer) <giftedcn at>
> sub   2048R/384FEBA2 2012-01-19 [expires: 2013-01-18]
> --
Hi Lex,
Welcome to join in. 
I'm from zh_CN team. 
Please read the l10n guide on Fedora wiki. It's not easy for me to find the URL
on the phone.  Hope you can find it or I will send it to you later. 

From my mobile phone

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