Is the FLSCo running our teams alone?

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Wed Jul 18 03:51:56 UTC 2012

On 2012年06月30日 03:54, Dimitri Glezos wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 7:11 AM, Kévin Raymond
> <shaiton at>  wrote:
>> We get some requests about creating new teams, changing coordinators,
>> dealing with maintainers, transifex…
>> The ones really able to take actions are the FLSCo members[0], right?
> FLSCo is pretty much inactive for years now. I know some of the folks
> who were active back then lurk in the lists and respond to personal
> emails.
> Kevin, I'm all in to have you participate more in FLP, seeing your
> work for Docs+L10n.
> So maybe this is a good time to discontinue FLSCo and just have, like
> GNOME, a couple of 'spokespeople' for FLP.
> -d
>> We didn't have any election since Spring 2008 (Fedora 9), and I can
>> read "From time to time, at least once every 3 Fedora releases, the
>> entire membership of FLSCo will stand for re-election".
>> You've done lots of work, but there is more do to. There will always
>> be. If it's fine for you, that works.
>> Spending lots of time helping new translators and maintainers, I think
>> that I could help the FLP more by joining the FLSCo. This is more a
>> request than an application as what I am actually doing does not need
>> really need an official status (yeah translators, you could help us
>> all!). I am actually one of the Fedora Project maintainers at
>>, but don't think that I should approve/cancel new team
>> creation for example. I also try not to do too much, as people start
>> referring to me for really specific questions, that IMHO only rely to
>> the FLSCo (like team creation, changing teams coordinator…)
>> What's your opinion? I am sure many translators don't even know that
>> we have a steering committee.
>> [0]

Kevin, my vote will definitely go to you.
My problem is that I have not enough knowledge how to run election.
Whatever the name is, this group needs to be active and be responsible 
inside also outside.

To me, what is the best and convenient way for everyone to select our 


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