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Name: Alex Nik Location: Ufa, Russia (option)Login: vou Language: RussianProfession or Student status: Student (CSPU IT and Computing Technologies)About You: Sociable and cheerful person. Working as an IT support in Bashinformsvyaz (internet provider), used to work as beta tester for Windows Mobile at Paragon Software. Fond of photography and editting photographes. Finished Chelyabinsk State University as a linguist (interpreter). Continued studying as a specialist in IT and computing technologies. You and the Fedora Project: I have just joind Fedora comunity and interested in learning about it more. Hope to be usefull as an interpreter and hope that would help me to learn that OS more in deteails.GPG KEYID and fingerprint: [root at RAGE-PC rage]# gpg --fingerprint C172DF08pub   2048R/C172DF08 2012-07-22 [valid: 2013-07-22]Key fingerprint = 186E 0BBB 43D1 ADB0 0CB2  157F 8537 AC8B C172 DF08sub   2048R/0352BCAE 2012-07-22 [valid: 2013-07-22] 		 	   		  
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