Websites update, new branch f18-beta alive!

Richard E. van der Luit nippur at
Thu Nov 1 08:36:49 UTC 2012

Op 31-10-12 17:21, Kévin Raymond schreef:
> Hi guys,
> The Beta website ( is now (or will soon be) alive.
> I have created the beta branch on and disabled the alpha one.
> Depending on the Go/No-Go meeting, it will be released the next week or so.
> Please translate for the beta websites, there should be only one string change.
> Cheers,
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Question I should have asked much earlier:

Why are all strings set as (in this case) 'translated by shaiton' and
not by the original translaters? Loosing this aspect of translation
history makes it impossible to review each others translated strings as
a translator. Not happy whith that (...not to mention the credits).

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