Websites update, new branch f18-beta alive!

Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Thu Nov 1 11:14:06 UTC 2012

> Question I should have asked much earlier:
> Why are all strings set as (in this case) 'translated by shaiton' and
> not by the original translaters? Loosing this aspect of translation
> history makes it impossible to review each others translated strings as
> a translator. Not happy whith that (...not to mention the credits).

I agree, this is not perfect.
This is the way transifex manage translations update throught the

I should appear as the "Last-Translator" but not on the "Translators"
header which is were you get the credits.
Therefore, I don't effectively appear as the translators, I am just
the last one to have updated the PO files.

I used to translate using the transifex client, and in that case, I am
not sure to be written as a Translator, I should check at some point.

I has been discussed at least a year ago but since then the Indifex
team has used at least 3 other trackers/feedback app and I can' t
point to the response.

If you want a more detailed one, feel free to open a ticket on their
tracker (github now I think)


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