The order of the placeholders in anaconda

tiansworld tiansworld at
Sat Nov 10 04:19:46 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,
After the anaconda team updated the po file, there comes a string with
3 placeholders in it.
Here it is:
%s may not have enough space for grub2 to embed core.img when using
the %s filesystem on %s

As a translator, I can't keep the placeholders' original order in the
translation. That means the translation won't be right or even
misleading because the placeholders will be interpreted in their
original order.

So I added 1$ 2$ 3$ into the %s to make sure what the order is in the
translation. The translation is:
当在 %3$s 上使用 %2$s 文件系统时,%1$s 的空间大小可能无法让 grub2 嵌入 core.img

Does this work in anaconda? Or what can we do to keep these %s right
intepreted in translation?

This mail is also Cced to Chris Lumens.


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