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Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Tue Nov 13 09:15:43 UTC 2012

> I'm not sure what's happening here. Just now, I ran a `publican
> update_pot` and `tx push -s`, as in
> . Glancing at the project on transifex, I see that a number of resources are missing F18 strings. 
> There has to be something I'm missing here. My Installation.pot is for
> F18. Transifex doesn't show *any* strings relevant to F18 under
> Installation.  Can someone help me straighten this out?

Cc-ing to docs as I see what is happening here.
We used to do a tx push -s. Hey, what happens if we don't override an old file,
that is not existing on the current branch? It just stay like that on Transifex.

After a quick check with the Transifex team, if we delete a ressource, the TM
won't be affected.

Here is the best workflow IMHO:

At each new release do:
- Delete all ressources from  `Fedora Release Notes'
- Upload the new POT (tx push -s)
- Check on the `Fedora Release Notes' project management under Transifex that
  `Fill up resources from TM' is checked in order to have transifex filling the
translation memories from older releases.
- Let the Fedora Project Hub maintainers know that they need to update the
  `Fedora Documentation' release. Maintainers are written at They need to add every ressources to this release.
- Finally, notice translators.

Do you get it? Do you agree? We should update the docs SOP

Kévin Raymond
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