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Wed Nov 14 22:20:03 UTC 2012

On Nov 14, 2012 4:06 AM, "Inna Kabanova" <ikabanova at> wrote:
> Pete, I have one more point about your nightly build of the RN (I feel
embarrassed to write you because all my mails are about problems :).
> The new issue consists in the following: it seems that not all of the
translated files are included in nightly builds.
> Example: Desktop.po -
> It is translated into Ukrainian, Dutch and partly into Chinese and
Russian. But none of these translations was included in your builds:
>  - Russian -
>  - Chinese -
>  - Ukrainian -
>  - Dutch -
> We have the same problem with some other files but not with all.
> I keep on building the Russian version manually. The actual version is
here -
> Is the reason in .tx/config file again (i.e. some files are missed and
'tx pull' doesn't pull the translations)?
> Inna


Please don't feel badly about pointing out problems.  I'm encouraged by
your cooperative spirit, and realistic enough to know I am inexperienced
with this process and do need help. So, thank you.

I'm aware that my nightly builds are mostly constructed of fail. For
unknown reasons, any packets I throw at disappear before
they get there. I haven't been able to post an updated build as a result.

I will have to either push the files through an intermediary server with a
known good route to , or enlist someone else to perform
the build. Volunteers with spare cycles are welcome to reply :)

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