Installation Guide and Installation Quick Start Guide ready for translation

Jack Reed jreed at
Fri Feb 1 04:30:05 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

The Installation Guide and Installation Quick Start Guide are now ready 
for translation for Fedora 18.

The twist - and the reason for the regrettable delay in making the 
translation files available - is that for this release the two guides 
have been consolidated into one Zanata project. This is because the 
Installation Quick Start Guide is mostly a heavily abbreviated version 
of the Installation Guide, with only a small amount of original content. 
So to save you translating the same strings twice in different projects, 
I've combined them into one git repo and therefore one translation project.

The f18 Zanata project contains all transferable po files from the f17 
translations of *both* guides, so your work can simply continue from 
there. However, the content for the F18 Quick Start Guide is almost 
completely new due to the redesign of the installer for this release. 
Nonetheless, I have preserved po files unique to the Quick Start Guide 
that do not need to be updated for F18, so those select strings will not 
need to be translated again.

The only quirk is that the files required to generate the Quick Start 
Guide cannot be marked as such within the Zanata project. Ideally, these 
files should be translated first so the Quick Start Guide can be 
released at the earliest opportunity.

So I've created a wiki page that lists these files:

The link to the Zanata project can be found there too. (The entries for 
the guides in the Docs Project guides table [1] now link to this page 
instead of straight to the Zanata project.)

If you could work from this list and then let me, trans-list, or 
docs-list know when these files are translated, it would be much 
appreciated. I can then publish the Quick Start Guide in your language. 
If you choose to proceed with the remaining files, you will effectively 
then be translating the Installation Guide.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope this consolidation makes the 
installation guides a slightly less daunting translation prospect. :)

And thank you for your continuing hard work and dedication in broadening 
the reach of these resources, which will likely be in even more demand 
due to the redesigned installer.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

All the best,



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