Self-Introduction: Mikhail Zholobov, Russian

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Mon Jun 10 17:17:24 UTC 2013

 Name: Mikhail Zholobov
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Login: legal90
Language: Russian
Profession or Student status: IT specialist (System engineer)
About Me: System Engeneer & Administrator - I'm working with RHEL-based
server distributions and services (like oVirt, Spasewalk and so one). I'm
junior Python programmer and member of Django and RhodeCode transtation
groups on Transifex.
Me and the Fedora Project: I would be interested in traslation some user-
and web-interfaces: Spacewalk in general, Fedora GUI and other.

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pub   2048R/EA6A54E2 2013-06-10
Key fingerprint = 665D 28BC BA01 C196 E148  2E62 E64A 45B9 EA6A 54E2
uid   Mikhail Zholobov <legal90 at>
sub   2048R/2E9E2A94 2013-06-10
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