Self-introduction: Marcel Ribeiro Danta, Brazilian Portuguese

Marcel Ribeiro Dantas ribeirodantasdm at
Mon Jun 10 17:54:04 UTC 2013

Name: Marcel Ribeiro Dantas
FAS: mribeirodantas
Native language: Brazilian Portuguese
Ocuppation: Biomedical Engineering Researcher and Computer Engineering
Student at UFRN, Brazil.

I'm a Fedora Ambassador and Translator in the Fedora Project (pt_BR). I've
been using GNU/Linux and promoting Free Software for over a decade, and
ever since I've contributed not only with code, but also building
documentation and translating free software projects.

As I said, I'm already translating through Transifex, but I thought it'd be
interesting to introduce myself here too, since I already did it in the
mailing list for my language).

Best regards,

Marcel Ribeiro Dantas,
Biomedical Engineering Researcher at LAIS
Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Healthcare
mribeirodantas at
mribeirodantas at

GNU/Linux User nro. #440985
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