Websites Translations for Fedora 19 GA

Robert Mayr robyduck at
Wed Jun 12 10:15:10 UTC 2013

Dear Translators,
I inform you that the translation-pulls (po's) for the websites have been
freezed now, accordingly to the new workflow we have established at the
beginning of the actual release cycle.
This means no new tranlation strings will be pulled on Fedora 19 beta
branch (which actually is the master) until Fedora 19 GA release.

All the translations you submit from now will be regularly pulled to the
staging branch, to permit you to be as up to date as possible when Fedora
19 will be released. For this purpose we will push regular updates on TFX,
so don't worry if you won't see any update on the actual websites in
Obviously you can check and proofread the new strings, which need
translations, on our main [1] and spins [2] staging page. The pages should
be alive within the next 8-10 hours.


Thank you for your precious work.

Robert Mayr
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