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Mon Mar 18 05:58:56 UTC 2013

On 03/18/2013 01:43 PM, 邓青琳 wrote:
> Name:diseng
> Location: Hangzhou,China
> Login: diseng
> Language: zh-cn,English
> Profession or Student status:Student
> About Me:I started using Linux in 2010.I used to use
> Ubuntu,Debian,Arch,Fedora,LinuxMint.Now I use CentOS and LinuxMint for
> my study.In 2011,I created a public page called FedoraProject on
> is merged with FEDORA now) to introduce Linux and
> Fedora!I have writed an app that allows you to use shell or cmd to
> play weibo which you can get it from
> here:
欢迎加入。麻烦订阅英文的翻译列表(trans at,然后 
另外请问你的 FAS(Fedora Account System) 用户名是什么?


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