Removing Transifex duplicate teams. Finally

Kévin Raymond shaiton at
Wed Mar 27 11:16:57 UTC 2013

> I am pleased to announce that I have nearly finished that we started a year
> ago with Romain Forlot.
> I merged a lot of teams yesterday, and removed them.
> Did all of the fedora-docs Transifex release.

The diff is there:
 * Please check your own language

The projects not under the fedora-docs release are:

I have just finished to deal with those. We should add them to
the fedora-docs release but it's a really long process. (about 1000×3
seconds and can't be scripted). I could just add one file of each
in order to link them?

The change on this projects are available there:
 * Please check your own language (so many nl strings...)

Now, you can see a better page!
* If the dupplicate of your language still exist, please help me:
**  Click on the language team (for example cs_CZ or it_IT).
**  See which project has translations on that language (you can see ABRT
    for cs_CZ and spacewalk for it_IT).
    If it's about fedora documentation, please open a bug against me on
    Bugzilla[1] by providing both, the original language code and yours.
    If it's about any other project, open the corresponding BZ report as I
    did for cs_CZ[2]. Take it as an example. I won't do it for you. Ball's
    in your court.

If your team still exist there but is empty of all translations, I can't
help you. I assume it's Transifex internal cache that has still to update. Or..
See with Dimitri.


Have fun,

Kévin Raymond
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