Self-Introduction: Johannes Lövhall - Swedish

Johannes Lövhall jojje3000 at
Sun Oct 13 20:52:00 UTC 2013


As it says in the title I'm Johannes, though I most often identify
myself as "Klap" (which of course is my FAS). From Sweden and therefore
fluent in the native language. I don't doubt the team of Swedish
translators need some more people joining in, so here I am.

I'm currently an Electrical Engineering student. Don't have any real
experiences at all from anything, really. Been studying all my life and
hasn't got the chance to "do" anything as of yet.

Found this translation project and thought it would be a nice thing do
besides my studies, so I haven't explored the rest of what Fedora offers
(except for the O/S which I've been running for the last couple of years).

Last of all, here's my GPG fingerprint and what not:

pub   4096R/0910CA5E 2013-09-14 [expires: 2014-03-13]
      Key fingerprint = B2C0 DD55 D878 CA05 43BD  0A61 80E4 4EAA 0910 CA5E
uid                  Johannes Lövhall <jojje3000 at>
sub   4096R/6DE01EB8 2013-09-14 [expires: 2014-03-13]

See you around,
Johannes Lövhall
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