Self-Introduction: Cristian Ciupitu, Romanian

Cristian Ciupitu cristian.ciupitu at
Mon Oct 14 20:33:49 UTC 2013

Name: Cristian Ciupitu
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Login: ciupicri
Language: Romanian
Profession or Student status: trained IT monkey :-)

About Me:
I'm a mix between a software developer and system administrator (for
more details please see my CV [1]).
My Transifex account is

Me and the Fedora Project:
I've been a Fedora user since its beginning and before that a Red Hat
Linux user. Now I'd like to give something back. I've already reported
quite a few bugs and I even fixed a couple of them. I'm also a packager.

I'm joining this group because I wanted to translate into Romanian the
phrase "Upcoming Beta Release is planned for" from the prerelease
download page [2]. Most of the page is already translated and it's a
shame to have that tiny bit in English.

That's all I want to do at least for now, but it seems that the process
is kind of long and complicated. I would have preferred to just submit a
translation suggestion on Transifex (or a similar system) and let the
team approve, reject or improve it.

GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
[ciupicri at hermes ~]$ gpg --fingerprint EB05A811
pub   4096R/EB05A811 2013-10-14 [expires: 2016-10-13]
      Key fingerprint = BDFF 9244 BB7B 9C2A 83F4  F0D1 CA00 7014 EB05 A811
uid                  Cristian Ciupitu (ciupicri) <cristian.ciupitu at>
sub   4096R/CBB09BFB 2013-10-14 [expires: 2016-10-13]

Kind regards,
Cristian Ciupitu


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