FUEL translation now available on Zanata!

Isaac Rooskov irooskov at redhat.com
Sun Sep 1 21:14:10 UTC 2013

Thanks for the input Gianluca :)


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On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 12:54 AM, Isaac Rooskov <irooskov at redhat.com> wrote:
> If this isn't exactly what would assist, or I've only touched the surface
> I'd be keen to hear more on how we can help the community with this.

I think the main concern Kevin is trying to raise is that having just
one authoritative place to look for things to translate in your
language is a huge convenience for translators. As a member of the
Italian team I can just confirm this is the really the case.

I can got to transifex.com and have a grasp about how the Fedora
translation cycle is going, where the most action is right now, not to
mention the great features they have been adding overtime (especially
wrt the online translation and review tool).

Now, I think I opened an account in zanata when the installation guide
was moved over there and probably logged in twice so I am not
qualified to judge the platform, let alone its current status or
feature set. However, given the lack of resources in our team I would
greatly appreciate if we could avoid checking, learning and working
with two completely different services to achieve the same goal.

So, if Zanata turns out to be be better for our purposes I am all for
moving *all* Fedora stuff from TX; but please try to avoid having
stuff both in TX *and* in zanata.



PS. if you are trying to gather what are the needs of the translators
in the Fedora community I think you can definitely have a look at what
TX is doing. Much of their UX and workflow is well thought and
executed, and they integrated many feature requested by our

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