Self-Introduction: Isaac Rooskov - Zanata Product Manager

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at
Mon Sep 2 03:53:21 UTC 2013

Hi Issac and all

At the time that decision was made, I was there as the representative of 
FLP. All explained by Jared. It was painful decision, having little choice.

Most of Fedora packages and Fedora Upstream packages had been hosted by 
transifex.fp.o before the move, and have still been hosted by fedora dot after the move. Without Dimitris and the team, we are not 
here. I like to thank you so much to Dimitris and all the team members 
of Indifex again.

There are some packages which decided to move to zanata, and there were 
also announcements (not for all packages though). Atm, we have no power 
to influence the maintainers' decisions. FLP goal is to have one 
interface hosted at for **ALL packages.

Currently, we need to work on two instances, transifex and zanata.
For the coordinator of each language team who has not yet gained the 
admin privilege of your language team in ZANATA, please contact Issac, 
me or Red Hat employees of your language team. We will be happy to grant 
the admin privilege to you. (You must to be current coordinator on the 
team list.)

Issac, please help the coordinator who falls in the above situation. 
Also, please review the feature of segmentation such as fedora dot

For Fuel project, it is not part of Fedora project or Fedora Upstream 
project. It should totally upto individuals to contribute or not. This 
project has potential helping certain languages translation consistency, 
while no influence on Fedora Localization activity. Here again, 
segmentation is needed.



(2013年08月27日 09:46), Isaac Rooskov wrote:
> Hi Kévin,
> Firstly, thanks for the warm welcome; I will no doubt have questions
> etc... for the Fedora community as we go so I greatly appreciate how
> open it is here :)
> In answering your questions, Zanata is most certainly in active
> development. In fact we've recently had some new members join the team.
> There was a little lull during the change between Product Managers -
> from the former to myself. That was mainly because I wanted to sit back
> and take it all in before making any large changes or decisions.
> We currently don't have a public roadmap available for Zanata
> development. What I am wishing to do at the moment is reach out to
> whoever has interest in this field, and seek ideas and feedback on Zanata.
> Of course, myself and the team have things we specifically wish to
> achieve with the platform, but it is also important that we integrate
> ideas from the different translation communities - who may think of
> something that is totally different to what we're thinking (and better).
> We will have a roadmap out sometime in the next few months. At the
> moment if you have any feedback for us please let me know, as it can
> provide a positive impact on where we go :)
> I have to agree with your observation and experience in terms of
> inconsistent translations across different tools and teams. Working to
> solve this is a major reason why we are working with the FUEL project,
> which seeks to create consistency (
> Thanks,
> Isaac
> On 08/26/2013 07:02 PM, Kévin Raymond wrote:
>> Le lundi 26 août 2013 à 09:58:03 (+1000), Isaac Rooskov a écrit :
>>> Hi Fedora translators and writers :)
>> Hi Isaac,
>>> My name is Isaac Rooskov. I am the new Product Manager for the
>>> Zanata translation tool, and I also supervise the localization and
>>> translation efforts for JBoss, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and
>>> Cloud business units at Red Hat.
>>> If you have any questions or feedback concerning Zanata I would love
>>> to hear them.
>> Is there a public roadmap for Zanata? Is it still in active development?
>> I haven't really tried Zanata.
>> The main issue for me, as a translator/coordinator on the Fedora Project,
>> is that we have several translation platform, several teams, and several
>> quality level.
>> I understand that the GNOME L10n can use their own platform, as well as
>> RH or Fedora. But this leads to inconsistent translations, wrong feedback
>> from the users...
>> There is no clear solution at all.
>> Even under the Fedora Project with Transifex, we have spread our teams
>> across the wild Web for projects which don't re-use our translation teams
>> (like yum).
>> Several teams, several platform, several workflow.
>> IMHO best would be to reintroduce how Zanata works, and which projects
>> should interest the Fedora translators.
>>> I'm based in Brisbane, Australia, so if there is a slight delay in
>>> my responses that may be why ;)
>> You can't find more spread than the L10n group :)
>>> Thanks and I look forward to being apart of the Fedora community
>>> with you all.
>> And if you need help regarding the Fedora community/tools, here we are.
> --
> Isaac Rooskov
> Supervisor, Localization Services
> Product Manager, Zanata
> Red Hat

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