Plz help me understand these strings in ABRT and virt manager

Amandeep Singh Saini asaini at
Tue Sep 10 13:49:08 UTC 2013

Hi there
I was recently working on translations of ABRT and virt manager and I found these two strings confusing me alot. Please help me understand these.
First is from ABRT
" Can't get signal no and do exploitability analysisā¸ˇ "
in the source string is it 'signal no.' or some typo as there is no dot(.) after the 'no'.
Second string is from virt manager
" Domain installation still in progress. Waiting %sfor installation to complete. "
I think there should be a space between '%s' and 'for'. So again if it is a typo or not please let me know.
Amandeep Singh Saini 

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