[websites] Help to proofread localized date format

Kévin Raymond shaiton at fedoraproject.org
Sat Sep 14 22:42:07 UTC 2013

Le samedi 14 sept. 2013 à 06:50:18 (-0700), Leslie S Satenstein a écrit : 
> Hi Hendrik
> From your git reference example, I noted that you are fetching the date and
> time with "%c" as opposed to calling the strftime with two appropriate
> parameters.

That's because I want it localized using the "right" format.

> I would just do two function calls, one using "%F" and a second call to
> strftime with "%T"

%F is using the en_US format (YYYY-MM-DD). Which is not what I am looking
for. So your proposal is to keep US date format?

> or combine the two calls to strftime using your own separator between the two
> parts vis

Thanks, but I prefer to display only the date, and if I can make it
working for all languages the right way, that's better.

Kévin Raymond
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