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Tue Sep 17 02:13:01 UTC 2013

(2013年09月17日 03:54), Kévin Raymond wrote:
>>> You can see details here:
>> As far as I know, cvsl10n was a group of translators who had access
>> to Localization project CVS repo. Now we use Transifex (or Zanata).
>> I was approved for cvsl10n, because of my translations.

Yes, this group is a group of translators who had access to This group allowed each team coordinator to 
effectively maintain their team members access to their PO files (aka, 
checking fulfilment of the requirement and approving appropriate 
permission can be done one place). Since the move to fedora dot, this can no longer be applicable.

>> I think that Localization team members should be approved for l10n
>> Commit Group, since CVS repository is no longer used.

Afaik, being a member of this group will allow a user to edit wiki. So 
it should still be useful somehow.

There are three types of role for the member; user, sponsor and 
administrator. Every language coordinator is supposed to obtain 
'sponsor' permission. The detail is described in the 'L10N Maintainer' 
page [1]. New translator will be approved as a member of this group by 
their language coordinator, once he/she join Fedora via FAS. This step 
used to be a part of the procedure 'how to become translator', and it 
had been described in TQSG.

In short, ask your team coordinator for approval :-)

> Better would be to
> - rename this group
This had been discussed on this ML a few years back (or more than that), 
and we ended up to stick with this name for a while if my memory serves 
correct. But I have no objection to rename :-)

> - enable FAS OpenID at
This has already been requested to Transifex team at the time of the move.



> But I agree, we should help translator getting their alias through the
> cvsl10n group. When requesting so, adding a link to your transifex profile
> would help knowing that your are an active translator.
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