Go or No-Go for Move to Zanata Stage 0 -> Stage 1

Noriko Mizumoto noriko at fedoraproject.org
Tue Aug 26 05:01:33 UTC 2014


I've confirmed with docs team and websites team for all their projects
and the owners to be migrated. The list can be found here [1]. And now
I've started the discussion with FESCO to get support [2]. You can add
your self in the ticket.

Now I've been asked by FESCO when the go/no-go decision is made. There
have been many positive posts to move to zanata, but I like to request
all to make a clear decision to move forward to the production instance
(aka stage1). I've set the end date of Stage0 to 31-Sep (software
translation deadline is 23-Sep). Or let me know if we can decide earlier :)
All, could you please discuss within your team and give your team
decision to this list by this date.

For historical data to be retained, there is only one bug filed for
translator credit [1], and got the answer please see the bug. Another I
can think of is 'reviewed' mark. Chatting with camunoz, those can not be
retained, but there is such feature in Zanata and we can utilize for
future translation.

Any information you need to make a decision, please feel free to ask or
file a bug.


# I will be out of town btw 3-21 Sep and may not respond.



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