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On Mon Dec 01 2014 at 11:24:59 AM Noriko Mizumoto <noriko at fedoraproject.org>

> Hi Tiansworld and all translators
> As pointed by Tiansworld, I think it is good timing to have good updated
> guide where new translators can rely on.
> I found that Jullie, new translator from French team has developed quick
> guide called 'Translating offline with Zanata' in .odt format. This is
> very useful for translators who work offline. I had a chat with her, and
> now she is happy to develop new complete guide and integrate her quick
> guide into it as section.
> Tiansworld, anyone, would you be interested to join and help her?
> We are looking at to develop in xml format so that people can share and
> work certain section concurrently as well all contributors can receive
> credits. Alternatively, we can update the guide on wiki page, but not both.
> Please let us know your preferred format and/or suggestion!
> Thanks
> Yes, I am glad to help on this.
In my opinion, we can first write the guide on wiki page, because I think
it's relatively easy to use(I haven't used xml format before to write
things :D). After the wiki page is done, then we can convert it to xml

Anyway, I'm glad to help.
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