Confused about "Fedora Cloud Base Images"

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Dec 1 14:35:11 UTC 2014

On Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 11:40:15AM +0000, tiansworld wrote:
> > First, the letter case. Actually I see "Fedora Cloud Base image" on
> > the new website [1], "Fedora Cloud base images" on the wiki page [2],
> > and "Fedora Cloud Base Image" on fedoramagazine and cloud trac [3]. I
> > wonder which is the correct spelling.
> I think 'Image' in [3] is a typo, which should be image, and 'base'
> in [2] is also a typo, which it should be 'Base'.

It's not exactly a typo -- it's more that we've been a bit inconsistent

> Second, should the term be translated or not?

"Fedora Cloud" shouldn't, but "base image" should. In fact, if it
helps, it might be appropriate to put the translated word cloud into
"base image" — that is, "Fedora Cloud [foundational cloud system

I'm far from an expert here, but "image" should use the word used for
virtual machine images, if that's different from photographs. (In
English, it's "image" in the sense of "exact reproduction / likeness"
rather than "picture".)

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