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Wed Dec 10 15:03:16 UTC 2014

Hi there!

Name: Mikel Martinez
Login: mikeleitor
Language: Spanish Basque English (in descending order of skill)
Student of Biochemistry

About me: I am very creative. In a literal sense. I enjoy a lot writing
stories, drawing, creating 3d models, playing music, and programming.

I've been interested in programming since I was young. I have not studied
anything related to computers, but thanks to resources found on the
internet I have learned to program in python, c++ and currently Java. I am
work for my university math's department in image analysis with matlab.
Someday I would like to cooperate in bugfixing and so on, but I dont know
if I have the neccesary programming skills

Me and the Fedora Project : I started using ubuntu, and then debian. Later
on, gave a try to linux mint, but finally, I've found myself confortable in
Fedora. Everything works fine, and all thanks to the excellent work of many
people involved in this project. So I thought it was time to give back some
of all the things/work/software/documentation/help I have received. And
here I am.

pub   2048R/756D0BC3 2014-12-10
      Huella de clave = 2B6E 243D 5C5A 07AC DF10  8959 00E0 96FA 756D 0BC3
uid                  Mikel (Never used gpg before ^^) <lednion at>
sub   2048R/F2DE71CD 2014-12-10

I've never used mailing lists nor GPG, so I hope everything it's correct.
Looking forward to start working on translations ^^
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