rnote translation in anaconda

Valentin Laskov laskov at festa.bg
Fri Jan 3 11:06:30 UTC 2014


Dominique, thank you for this!

I saw just one layer in GIMP.
can someone provide a short howto - which program, font, size to use? Please! :)

Or to translate and send texts only? Dominique?


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| Hi all
| For the future F21 I made five svg files with internationalization.
| I have currently  seven translation :
| -french, spanish, japan, ukrainian, two chinese variant and english as
| default.
| This svg files are here :
| https://mega.co.nz/#!YIEBxTaC!MquXlRC-7qeVYj8WMRBlB3C0E982It4J29oy1nkHq2s
| If you want add your language, please send me the modified svg files.
| Thank
| dominique, member of transifex french team.


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