Self-Introduction: Qiankehan , Chinese

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Wed Jan 8 15:02:28 UTC 2014

*Name**:* Qiankehan
*Location:* Bejing,China
*Login:* qiankehan
*Language:* Chinese
*Profession or Student status:* College Student
*About You:* I am a student in BUPT.I am interested in programming.
*You and the Fedora Project: *Half year ago, I begin to use Fedora as my
PC system.It is so cool.
I want to introduce it to more Chinese people.
As my programming skills grow, I can do more for Fedora.
*GPG KEYID and fingerprint: *
pub 2048R/6A4F568C 2013-12-16 韩寒 (Transifex Fedora)
<hanhanzhiyeqianke at>
Key fingerprint = 9C20 1DFD 88FB 06AE 7CB9 13CD C113 E410 6A4F 568C
sub 2048R/A83A3F16 2013-12-16 [expires:2014-12-16]

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