Fedora 20 Installation Guide ready for translation!

Petr Bokoc pbokoc at redhat.com
Thu Jan 16 13:43:01 UTC 2014

Hello everyone,

the Installation Guide and Installation Quick Start Guide for Fedora 20 
are now ready for translation.

Same as last time, the project is being translated in Zanata instead of 
Transifex. I know most of you prefer TX, but we had problems with it in 
the past due to the large scope of this guide, so we're keeping it in 
Zanata now - sorry. You can find the project here: 

I would also like to ask anyone who wants to translate the Installation 
Guide to look at the following page: 
This is a list of files which you should give the highest priority to. 
Having these translated first will allow me to publish the Installation 
Quick Start Guide in your language early, without having to wait for the 
entire guide to be finished. Please notify me (send me an e-mail or ping 
me on IRC in #fedora-docs at freenode) when you finish all of the files 
listed on this wiki page, as I unfortunately have no way of easily 
monitoring them myself.

I'm looking forward to your contributions, and of course, contact me 
with any questions or if you find any issues.


Petr Bokoc (irc: pbokoc)
Technical Writer
Engineering Content Services

Red Hat Czech, s. r. o.
Purkynova 99
612 45 Brno, Czech Republic

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