Self-Introduction: Jaap Schouwenburg nl_NL

Jaap Schouwenburg jaapschouwenburg.rh at
Wed Mar 5 20:57:12 UTC 2014

Name: Jaap Schouwenburg
Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands
Login: jaapschouwenburg (FAS); JaapSchouwenburg (Transifex)
Language: nl_NL

About You: Recent convert to GNU/Linux. No relevant skills, but hoping
to learn.

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Key fingerprint = C05B 409D 753E 1E4A 5E8F  F023 0C2B 4BB0 8540 E006
uid                  Jaap Schouwenburg <jaap.schouwenburg at>
uid                  Jaap Schouwenburg <jaapschouwenburg.rh at>
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